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From: Stephen Hayes
To: Russell Tiedt
Date: 2003-06-13 04:35:26
Subject: Genealogy echoes on Fidonet

Russell Tiedt wrote in a message to Frank Vest:

 SH>> The POLITICS echoes (POLITICS and FN_SYSOP) seem active enough.

 FV> Umm... Poly + Ticks = Many blood suckers. Need I say more? :)

 RT> As good a discription as I have heard. <BG>

A friend of mine asked, "Why are politicians like a bunch of bananas?"

They're yellow, they hang together, and there's not a straight one among them.

ObGenealogy: One of my relatives was a politician: Vause Raw, erstwhile
leader of the erstwhile New Republic Party.

Keep well

Steve Hayes
  E-mail: hayesstw{at} 

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