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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2005-06-17 06:24:32
Subject: Re: madagascar

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From: Gerry <Me{at}>

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 "claude.vinueza" <claude.vinueza{at}> wrote:

> The father of my gm died in madagascar Tamatave 1898, he was an english
> citizen born in Mauritius, where i can find his act of death     ?
> thanks
> Claude M. V. D.

The record actually might be in France. From an article on the history of
Madagascar I found this paragraph covering the time period of your
ancestors death.

"The French invaded [Madagascar] in 1895, surprising Merina defences
and setting up a colonial administration. They sent Queen Ranavalona III
into exile in Algeria in 1897, effectively abolishing the monarchy, and
attempted to suppress all British influence and crush the Malagasy
language, declaring French the official language. Although the French
abolished slavery in name on the island, in practice they introduced such a
repressive tax regime that amounted to forced labour. Land was expropriated
by foreign settlers and companies, primarily for use as coffee


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