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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2003-11-09 06:18:36
Subject: Old RSL Year Book 7

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From: "gwen" <gwenpt{at}>

This Article is taken from The Returned Sailors and Soldiers' Imperial
League of Australia, Official Year Book of 1939. It is stamped 'Defence
Issue' and the price was 1/6, or 1 shilling and 6 pence in the old
pre-decimal currency. After World War 2 the RSSILA became the RSL - Returned
Services League.
Spelling is as in the original articles.

Europe is agog with the talk of war and rumors of war, and in London there
are signs that the city will not be unprepared should war come. The military
defence scheme for the Port of London has been completed, and that the
machinery for the implementation of the plan has been worked out by
Rear-Admiral R. W. Oldham.
The first safeguard will be a balloon barrage coupled with anti-aircraft
guns and searchlights ready to co-operate with fighting planes.
Two thousand out of 4,000 volunteers will be required for essential wharf
work under war conditions. Scores of shelters have been marked out in dock
vaults, and fire-fighting tugs are ready to stand by.

The 41st Battalion, A.I.F.-the Byron Regiment, N.S.W -did not lose a single
prisoner to the enemy during the Great War. Its Battle Honours, include
Messines, Passchendaele, Somme 1918, Ancre 1918, Hammel, Amiens, Mont St.
Quentin and the Hindenburg Line. The unit motto is "Mors Ante Pudorem" -
"Death Before Shame."

On September 5 the 13th Brigade, A.I.F., with Canadians, attacked Mouquet.
Farm. It was the first occasion when Australians and Canadians fought side
by side.
The total casualties of the 4th Division were 1345.
Mouquet Farm was eventually occupied by Canadians on Sepember
25.- - - - - - -

According to the 1933 Census, Returned Australian Sailors included 13
between the ages of 25 and 29. That makes tbem from 31 to 35 years old
to-day. At enlistment their ages ranged from 8 to 12.

In North Russia and Vladivostock the Canadians lost 1 officer and 8 other
ranks killed, and 3 officers and 12 others wounded. Australia lost 1 officer

Invention of a gas which kills vegetation as well as human beings has been
claimed by
J. Leon Prenn, 23-year-old student in chemistry at Iowa State College,
U.S.A. The gas can be produced cheaply from waste products of copper and
zinc smelting and refinery plants.
Prenn describes it as a combination of mustard gas and phosgene, two of the
most deadly poison gases used in the World War. The inventor is a second
lieutenant in the Ordinance Department of the United States Army.

Regards  Gwen

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