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From: Nancy Backus
To: Stephen Hayes
Date: 2004-03-18 23:27:22
Subject: Re: Calendar notes

-=> Quoting Stephen Hayes to Nancy Backus on 03-13-04  05:23 <=-

 NB> Would you (could you) please send the rest of the article as well?
 NB> Thanks.... :)
 GW> Oops! Looks like someone along the way is truncating the message :-(
 NB> Yes.  That's what I was figuring, too... It was quite a long
 NB> message, and I do know that some nodes along the way can't handle
 NB> more than a certain length...  that could have caused corruption on
 NB> other routes than the one that made it to me, simply truncated... 
 NB> That's why I had suggested that perhaps he could try it in smaller
 NB> chunks, so that all of it would make it around...  :)

 SH> I sent it again to two chunks - did you see it?

Our messages crossed paths in the mail... :)  In case that one went
awry, though, I repeat my answer... :)  Chances are, of course that
this will cross with your reply to the other... :)

The two chunks are still too big each.  The first half still truncated
at the same place as the original send.  And the second part seemed also
to stop before the end of the message.  My earlier message had the exact
cutoff and starts of the two chunks, which I could send again if you
don't get that one.

ttyl         neb

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