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From: Stephen Hayes
To: Hedley Hunnisett
Date: 2004-06-16 18:09:06
Subject: 1901 Census on-line

Hedley Hunnisett wrote in a message to All:

 HH> I've been having my first 'play' with the PRO 1901 census site 
 HH> (apart from various failed attempts when it first started up!).  
 HH> So far I've been extracting data from the (free) index, but have 
 HH> been surprised to discover that many of my immediate family are 
 HH> missing.  Something like a dozen people so far, at least!
 HH> My father (b. 1898) is missing as are both his parents; my other 
 HH> grandmother is also missing, together with many uncles and aunts 
 HH> who were definitely all alive in 1901.
 HH> As it does not bring up spelling variants, unlike the 1881 census
 HH> on  CD, I have tried at least ten different surname spellings
 HH> without  success.
 HH> Its response to wildcards is a little strange.  It now appears to 
 HH> accept a wildcard after just one character (didn't it originally 
 HH> insist on two characters?) and single wildcard seems to work ok.   
 HH> When I tried H*n*s*t to see if it brought up any spelling variant
 HH> I'd  not thought of, after a long pause the 'Person Search' screen
 HH> came back.   There was no message to say it had found too many
 HH> matches, or any  results page.  I tried several times, with the
 HH> same result.
 HH> I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.

I haven't tried it yet, but find your description of your experience
interesting. Thanks for sharing!

 HH> I found some lovely mis-spellings; Hurrtmaceus and Hurstmonceanor 
 HH> instead of Hurstmonceux, and Berhilbonsea for Bexhill on Sea to 
 HH> name just a couple.  I searched for a distant great aunt.  In case 
 HH> she had married, I just put in her first name, year of birth and 
 HH> birthplace.  No match.  By devious means (which now escape me) I 
 HH> eventually found her.  The place of birth was shown as 'Sussex
 HH> ...'.   I had entered (correctly) Wartling.  This confirms the
 HH> wisdom of  entering the absolute minimum of information into the
 HH> search page.  

I think I must try it tome time.

How much can you play before you pay?

Steve Hayes
  E-mail: hayesmstw{at} - If its full of spam, see webpage. 

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