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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2003-09-06 08:25:28
Subject: 1901 Census Decoder version 1.2.1 - Oops :-(

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* Originally from John Hill to John Hill.
* Original dated: Fri Sep 05, 12:47

From: nemo{at}erewhon.invalid (John Hill)

On 2 September, I wrote:

I am pleased to announce the latest, and probably the last, update to
this little application.

Unfortunately, this proved over-optimistic!

The main changes are:
1. I have introduced a column that estimates the date of birth from the
returned age.
2. I have moved the personID and pageID columns to the right hand end of
each entry.

Unfortunately, in doing this I got the column headings for Forename and
Surname crossed over. I might have ignored this, but I downloaded a
batch of search results for my wife and we very quickly found that it
was NOT a good idea to have the personId on the right hand side of the
line. It meant that our eyes were constantly flicking from one side of
the entry to the other when we were associating families - and that,
after all, is the object of the exercise!

So I've put the personId back on the left, but left the useless pageId
on the right where it is out of the way.

I'll ask Judy and Tom Lundeen to update the entry on their web site,

but it may be a day or two before it gets there - so make sure you get
version 1.2.1!

John Hill

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