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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2004-03-04 18:53:48
Subject: Dade Parish Registers

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From: roy{at} ("Roy Stockdill")

> From:          "Stephen Hayes"

> Roy Stockdill wrote in a message to All:
>  RS> If anyone wishes to know a bit more about Dade Registers - named 
>  RS> after a Yorkshire clergyman, the Rev William Dade - who created a 
>  RS> system of giving greater detail - feel free to ask. This is the
>  RS> kind  of advanced genealogical knowledge I am always happy to talk
>  RS> about,  as opposed to doing lookups for somebody's
>  RS> great-grandmother. 
> Please tell more - perhaps with a change of subject line.>

Dade registers are principally found in Yorkshire, but the system was 
taken up in some other counties, too. Basically, they are parish 
registers that give considerably greater detail - especially in the 
baptismal entries - than the paucity of information one normally 
finds. They were named after the Rev William Dade, a far-sighted and 
visionary Yorkshire clergyman, who was Incumbent of several parishes 
in York and other places. They are found mostly between the early 
1770s and 1812 (when, somewhat ironically, George Rose's Act 
introduced a new system of record keeping with printed forms that 
actually asked for less information than one finds in Dade 

Dade registers are famous in Yorkshire and no-one researching in the 
county seriously can possibly not know about them! They are an 
absolute goldmine when found, since in the baptismal entries they 
normally give a 3-generation family tree and sometimes four 
generations. Here are some examples of Dade entries from the parish 
registers of Easingwold, North Yorkshire, all relating to my own 

1792 - John (s. of) Robt Stockdale of E. taylor, s. of Geo. S. of
Husthwaite, labr, (& of) Mary, d. of Launcelot Yellow, of Sutton under
Whitsuncliffe, labr. (b.) 24 June (bp) 29 June. 
1794 - Mary Ann (d .of) Robt Stockdale of E. taylor [as before] b. 24 
June, bp. 25 Sept. 
1797 - Jane (dr. of) Robt Stockdale of E. taylor [as before] b. 16 
June, bp. 16 July. 
1800 - Geo. (s. of) Robt Stockdil of E. taylor [as before] b. 29 June 
bp. 20 Dec. 
1803 - Geo. (s. of) Robt Stockdill of E. taylor [as before] b. 20 
Mar. bp. 3 July. 
1806 - Robt. (s. of) Robt Stockdill of E. taylor [as before] b. 22, 
bp. 24 July.

The couple, Robert Stockdale/Stockdill and Mary Yellow, were my 
gt-gt-grandparents, and you can see the extraordinarily rich detail 
given - the father's occupation; full names and occupations of each 
father; parish of residence of both fathers (thus taking you back to 
another parish and set of records); and the actual birth date as well 
as the baptismal date. Moreover, the details are the same in every 
one of the six entries (the "as before" is a transcriber's device to 
avoid repeating the information over and over again, since the above 
entries are taken from a printed volume of the registers), thus 
confirming beyond any doubt whatsoever that each of the children are 
from the same couple. It is always possible there COULD have been 
another Robert and Mary Stockdale at Easingwold at the same time. In
fact, there wasn't but had there been, the Dade entries would have 
identified all the children beyond doubt. Note the change of surname 
between the child Jane born in 1797 and the first George (he died 
young) in 1800, BTW. A new vicar, I reckon!

The great expert on Dade registers is a man called Roger Bellingham 
of York, who had an article about them in a recent issue of 
Ancestors, the PRO family history journal. He has identified around 
180 parishes which had Dade registers, mostly in Yorkshire but some 
also in Lancashire, Nottinghamshire, Cheshire, Essex, Surrey and even 
Devon, since Dade's influence spread far and wide. Some registers are 
not entirely Dade in their detail but Dade-style in varying degrees.

The National Index of Parish Registers for Yorkshire (published in 2 
volumes by the SoG) identifies which parishes had Dade registers 
under the individual parish entries. However, if you come across a 
Dade-style entry, you will recognise it instantly!

Entering "Dade Registers" into Google throws up a whole host of 
websites where you can find out more about them.

Finally, PLEASE PLEASE do not ask me for "lookups in the Dade 
Registers", as some people did when I originally posted this 
ifnormation to other lists a couple of years ago!!! Dade Registers 
are not one overall source, as I have explained - they are individual 
parish registers, found in around 180 parishes, that give more detail 
than normal.

Roy Stockdill
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