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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2004-08-10 04:20:46
Subject: A2A Update, July 2004

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From: genbrit{at} ("Wendy Archer")

Forwarded for Sarah Stark.


A2A Update, July 2004

The latest update to the A2A database at took place on
Wednesday 28 July.  621 finding aids were added - bringing A2A's total to
82,270 - describing archives held in 352 record offices, libraries, museums
and other repositories across England.  A2A has now passed 3 milestones: it
contains 7 million catalogue entries, and has been searched 4 million times
since launch, with 9 million catalogue downloads as a result.

The new catalogues included finding aids describing the following archives:
* correspondence relating to Cornelia Connelly, 19th-century foundress of
the present-day Society of the Holy Child Jesus (a teaching order of nuns),
and her family, held at Birmingham Archdiocesan Archives and contributed
through the Archives' own resources as a new project in Phase 3;
* photographic views of Mayfield in East Sussex including the Society of the
Holy Child Jesus convent there (held among Baker and Kirby family archives)
at East Sussex Record Office, contributed to A2A through the Aladdin's Cave
project in the South East of England;
* the archive of the Vocation Sisters, an order established in the 20th
century, including taped interviews with individual nuns, held at West
Sussex Record Office - contributed through the regional project Local
Governance and the Community;
* on a different theme: the significant Wentworth Woodhouse family and
estate archive held at Sheffield Archives, contributed through the Broad
Acres, Big Houses, Yorkshire People project;
* and the archives of the Queen's Lancashire Regiment, including photograph
albums and service rolls, held at Queens Lancashire Regimental Museum in

Additionally, 12 catalogues of photographs of the built heritage held in the
National Monuments Record by English Heritage were amended, to include links
to over 5000 digital images of the photographs they describe.  These images
can be viewed from relevant A2A search results; they include, for example,
photographs by Eric De Mare of a range of building types, especially
industrial buildings such as the Chesterton windmill in Warwickshire, and
inner city and new town developments with a strong emphasis on the housing
estates and high rise blocks of the 1950s and 1960s.

Phase 3 projects continue to progress: all but one of those seeking funding
from the Heritage Lottery Fund have now received decisions, and mark-up for
retroconversion is beginning.

A2A is the English strand of the UK archives network; its database at already contains the electronic equivalent of over
700,000 catalogue pages describing archives held across England in national,
local and specialist repositories and dating from the 700s to the present
day.  The A2A programme will make a further 150,000 catalogue pages
available on the web by July 2005.

* * * * * *
Sarah J A Stark
Regional Liaison Co-Ordinator, A2A
The National Archives
Surrey TW9 4DU

Tel (direct line): 020 8392 5328
Fax: 020 8487 9211
Email: sarah.stark{at}

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