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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2003-07-05 07:42:26
Subject: 2001 census "neighbourhood" statistics on-line

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From: John Bennett <johna.bennett{at}>

Following on from the interminable threads (and arguments) that abound
here about personal privacy and the purpose and interpretation of non-
disclosure periods for certificates and censuses etc. I read today in
the Daily Telegraph that you can now go on-line and view statistics
(from the 2001 census) about your "neighbourhood" (ie post code)!:

I had a look at my "post code area" and was surprised to see incredibly
detailed statistics about age, ethnic groups, religion, health, economic
activity, housing (in great detail eg no of single occupancies etc) and
even crime figures.

Were such detailed statistics as these intended to be made public like
this?  I can envisage many ways in which this info could to used for
purposes a lot more sinister than pure statistical interest!     

Cheers         John
John Bennett    
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