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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2003-04-15 08:41:44
Subject: Catherine Bleater-Moans and her privacy

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From: roy{at} ("Roy Stockdill")

I EXPECT most of you will have read about the judgement yesterday in 
the case of Catherine Zeta-Jones (rightly nicknamed Bleater-Moans by 
some UK newspapers) and her husband Michael Douglas over alleged 
breach of privacy and THOSE wedding pictures.

Hollywood's leading luvvies appear to be trying to present the view 
that they won the case. In fact, they have misunderstood the 
judgement completely, since the plain fact is that they clearly lost 
on the major issue, i.e. that of privacy. The judge said there could 
not have been any breach of privacy, since there is NO such 
thing as a privacy law in Britain. He added that it wasn't for him,. 
but Parliament, to introduce one if it wanted to.

Pardon me for raising this here, but this is a very important 
judgement that could have had far-reaching implications for 
democracy, press freedom and freedom of speech had it gone the 
other way, also perhaps for us as genealogists. Let me repeat - 
the principle has been established that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A 

The only thing that the Douglases won on was breach of business 
confidentiality - not the same thing as a breach of privacy at all. I 
also suspect, as most lawyers and newspapers were suggesting today, 
that they will end up getting derisory damages which will mean they 
will have to pay much of the costs of the case themselves. Couldn't 
happen to a nicer couple! I also hope the breach of business 
confidentiality will be overturned on appeal, as it surely must.

This and the previous case of the model Naomi Campbell, who also lost 
a privacy case, will hopefully teach posturing celebrities the lesson 
that they can't have it both ways when they try to manipulate the 
media. Sell your wedding for a million quid and you have invaded your 
own privacy!

Roy Stockdill (Editor, Journal of One-Name Studies)
Guild of One-Name Studies:-
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Never ask a man if he comes from Yorkshire. If he does he will tell you, if
he does not why humiliate him? - Canon Sydney Smith

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