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From: George White
To: Stephen Hayes
Date: 2004-04-04 22:33:42
Subject: Calendar

Hi Stephen,

On 01-Apr-04, Stephen Hayes wrote to Hedley Hunnisett:

 SH>> I hope the calendar got through this time!

 HH>> It got through safely to me!

 SH> Good!

Picked up here OK too...

 SH> And I'm glad to see you're still here - how many BBSs are
 SH> operating in your area

Looking at the nodelist, None! :-(
Hedley uses a long distance BBS, is indeed I do, there being none
local to me either :-(.
There are only 25 dial up BBS's in the UK (and I have points off 2 of
them), plus a number that are Inet accessible only...


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