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From: Russell Tiedt
To: Stephen Hayes
Date: 2005-08-10 17:23:54
Subject: Is this the end?

Hello Stephen.

09 Aug 05 07:21, you wrote to me:

 SH>> Norton Utilities seems to have fixed the problem for now, but it
 SH>> was a reminder of mortality.

 RT>> How big is the HDD, I presume it is the HDD if Norton fixed it,
 RT>> before you  close it down, just ask, I might have a spare you
 RT>> could have ....

 SH> It's a 1 gig SCSI IBM Raid.

No SCSI HDD's here ...

 SH> And, to answer Miles's question, it's a 486 66 Mhz (downgraded from
 SH> 120 Mhz by the idiot who broke the motherboard when installing the
 SH> above hard disk), running OS/2 Warp.

 SH> I think the problem was a couple of very short power outs, which
 SH> corrupted the FAT on one of the FAT partitions. I think Norton has
 SH> fixed it -- it's been running since then.

 SH> It wouldn't so much be the hardware itself, as the reinstallation of
 SH> the software.

Hmmm .... okay, I have a PI 166MMX might be a 133MHz box here, which I should 
be able to kit out with 32M or possibly 48M RAM, currently has 2x 540MB IDE 
Seagate HDD's, tho I might be able to put in a 2Gig. IDE drive, has a few bad 
sectors, but they have not multiplied in 2 years of use, which has become 
"available" after my step-son got a 40Gig. HDD for
Christmas/Birthday. He has 
the misfortune of being born on the 4th January. <grin>
No CD drive, and I think the serial ports are faulty, never needed them as it 
was on a network here.

All dependant on if I can get the serial ports working, think I still have a 
ISA board here with 2x serial and 2x paralell ports, that I could use to fix 

Can even install OS/2 Warp 3 Connect or OS/2 Warp 4, and write you the CD's if 
you need a better install medium than stiffies. Even have a collection of 
"Fixpacks" not that I had much joy in my attempt to get them installed.
As for re-installing, you should be able to just copy the whole system from 
one drive to the next.

All dependant off course on, if you can pick the "box" up in Apex Road, 
Benoni, the closest I can get it to you for no cost.

If you are interested, I'll see what I can do for you, the box is currently 
sitting under my desk, it's fate as yet undecided.


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