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From: Moderator
To: All
Date: 2003-08-16 04:14:52
Subject: Rules

  ENVIRON Echo Rules and Guidelines.
  Moderator:  Paul Williams, (1:387/710 kb5ivg{at}
  Moderators Emeritii: James Farrow, Nancy Wood

  The ENVIRON Echo was created to bring together individuals interested
  in discussing environmental topics together in a controllable forum 
  where ideas, theories or just plain discussions can take place without
  childish activity that plagues many other fidonet echos.  The rules 
  are very simple and extremely easy to follow.
  Gating will be allowed into other nets but prior permission must 
  be obtained.
  The Rules:
    1) All topics discussed MUST have some relationship to the
       environment in some manner.

    2) There will be NO toleration of FLAMES in this echo. There is
       no need for flames and they must be taken elsewhere (email or
       netmail).  No tolerance will be given.
       There was one incident where an individual tried to get around
       the rules because of his position in Fidonet. Unfortunately 
       for this person, he has been banned forever from the echo and
       nearly lost his node number.

       *** If you can't "post nice", then don't post!  <bg>

    3) ANY and ALL complaints MUST be sent via NETMAIL to 1:387/710
       or via E-MAIL to kb5ivg{at}

    4) Anti-environmental discussions are allowed.  This is to allow
       the full spectrum of the issues at hand to be seen and will
       allow for the downside of an argument to be discussed.
       Anti-environmentalism is discouraged as it is what got us in
       this mess.

       Debates are healthy, sometimes opening each side to new thoughts;
       but debates dosn't mean full-out verbal war!

        *** Again, post nice or don't post! ***

 * 5) This echo is NOT bound by ECHOPOL1, ECROC, nor ANY OTHER form of
      echo policy. The moderator is the ULTIMATE authority in this echo.
      If you have a problem with the echo, do not go to the NEC or REC,
      do not start a poll or take a vote, come to me. That's why I'm here.

 * 6) The ENVIRON Echo is the sole property of the moderator and not
      the property of its participants. You agree that access to this
      echo is a priviledge, not a right.

   7) The use of Pseudos or fake names is NOT ALLOWED.  If you want
      to be excepted, either netmail or e-mail me and I'll make each
      decision on an individual basis.

   8) Topics that are ILLEGAL or that could cause major political
      problems in the echo are not allowed.  We do not need a rebirth
      of the arguments for drug legalization (which has nothing to
      do with the environment) or abortions etc (the same applies).

 * 9) Hijacking attempts are *NOT* welcome and can result in your
      *entire* *zone* losing access to this area permanently!
      If you think you can do a better job then you are invited to
      start your own echo or hope that should I quit I appoint you
      the new moderator.

             Punishment Procedure

      The moderator has TOTAL discretion on punitive actions.
      Systems and participants that break the rule(s) may get
      a feed cut for 1 week - permanent depending on the rule(s)
      broken and to what extent.

                                Thank you
                                Paul Williams
                                1:387/710  <Fidonet>
                                kb5ivg{at} <Internet>
                                ENVIRON Echo Moderator

 rules posted by Paul Williams, 1:387/710, kb5ivg{at}

... "Why are you running away, screaming 'IS THERE NO GOD?'?"--Tom
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