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From: Christopher Stephen Brooks
To: All
Date: 2004-04-13 14:21:00
Subject: Ways of thinking

It is my opinion that the current situation in wich we find ourselves
results from the way most people think about "the enviroment".The very term
"the enviroment"suggests a distance,something irrevocably seperate from
us.For years,humanity has considered itself superior to other species,and
it's insterests fully precedent over that of any others.So,in my
opinion,laws and programs geared towards aiding the earth,while
well-intentioned and certainly helpful in many respects,are secondary to
changing the way these things are thought about.As soon as apathy and a
humanocentric way of thinking are eliminated,then things will improve as a
nturasl progression of the way people think.I am sorry if I have made any
errors,social or factual,and would welcome comments of any sort.

Peace,love,anarchy and wildness.

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