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From: Lance Lyon
To: Jim Holsonback
Date: 2004-02-29 01:31:00
Subject: Moderator has been ill.

* In a messge originally to ALL, JIM HOLSONBACK said: 

JH> Hello, ALL.
JH> For Info - -
JH> Moderator Paul Williams has been very ill since mid-October.
JH> Even before that, since about Mid-August when he moved to a new
JH> Apartment, his access to Fidonet was about non-existent due to
JH> substandard phone service in his new location.
JH> I spoke to Paul last night via phone - he is currently in a hospital
JH> in San Antonio.  Looks like he may be released later this week or
JH> first of next week,  but not definite as to where he will be
JH> staying, or if he will have dialup access to Fidonet.

Hmmm....  interesting, just received this (& it has landed here before) - 
someone is either re-sending mail or it's looping out there somewhere.


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