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From: Paul Williams
To: All
Date: 2003-06-03 02:42:50
Subject: Press Release (0305308) for Fri, 2003

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
May 30, 2003

Presidential Message: Great American Cleanup, 2003

I send greetings to the participants of the 2003 Great American Cleanup. I
am honored to serve as Honorary Chair of this event.

America is a land of majestic beauty, and Americans can be proud of the
remarkable progress we have made in protecting our environment and natural
resources. Today, our air is cleaner, our waters are less polluted, and our
lands are better protected, better managed, and more accessible to the
American people. Through volunteer service programs such as the Great
American Cleanup, we continue to preserve our natural heritage for future
generations and make our communities more vibrant places to visit and live.

I have called on every American to dedicate at least 4,000 hours over the
rest of their lives to the service of others. Through the USA Freedom Corps
initiative, my Administration is mobilizing individuals and organizations
and providing opportunities for citizens to give back to their communities.
Americans have responded with an outpouring of acts of kindness and
volunteer service that is transforming our Nation, one heart and one soul
at a time.

I commend those involved with the Great American Cleanup for answering the
call to serve. I also applaud Keep America Beautiful for 50 years of
encouraging Americans to take responsibility for improving the environment.

Laura joins me in sending our best wishes.

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