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From: Bill Burton
To: Andy Ball
Date: 2012-12-29 15:48:06
Subject: Telnet clients

Andy Ball wrote in a message to Bill Burton:

 AB> Hello Bill,

   BB> You can install Mozilla Firefox on any machine
     > reguardless of OS and download one of two or three
     > telnet add ons. then you can telnet from the browser
     > ( telnet:// ). It works great and looks
     > a lot better than other telnet clients.

 AB>     Is this advice intended for users of MS Windows?
 AB> Certainly on unix and Linux systems I would expect the stock telnet
 AB> program running inside something like an xterm to suffice and
 AB> probably even work better than a browser plug
 AB> -in.

I am running Firefox with the plugin on a Ubuntu box and get a better
cleaner screen presentation than with the linux clients!

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