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From: mark lewis
To: Andy Ball
Date: 2012-12-30 13:12:18
Subject: Telnet clients

   BB> I am running Firefox with the plugin on a Ubuntu box
     > and get a better cleaner screen presentation than
     > with the linux clients!

 AB> Ubuntu must be even worse than I had thought then! ;-)

ubuntu uses the same clients as all other *nix systems... but all of them
have problems of various kinds and none of them work like folks used to the
DOS way of doing things work... those being good ANSI support as well as
"within-the-connection-stream" file transfers... on *nix file
transfers are done on their own connections external to the terminal... on
DOS style (winwhatever included) systems, the transfers are just more data
in the currently used connection stream...

now, if the above plugin things assist with that, i don't know... on
winwhatever, i use my favorite terminal program and make it the default
handler for those types and protocols...

ubuntu or debian or redhat or any similar *nix system has nothing to do with this...


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