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From: Gary Perkins
To: All
Date: 2013-02-02 20:54:52
Subject: MagicJack

Recently, it's been reported that analog modem over MagicJack has been working
for some people.  I just wanted to chip in my own two cents: if you're thinking
of purchasing, your experience may vary.

I'm using Time Warner Cable Roadrunner in Southeast Texas.  I have a USB
MagicJack plugged into an XP box with no processor load, lots of free memory,
which is connected via ethernet directly into a router.

I tried dialing four different systems.  Initially, I got a decent 28.8
connection, but then it retrained annoyingly a few times before dropping
carrier.  Not useful at all.  It pretty much got worse from there, never
finding a good carrier.  

I tried forcing 14400, 9600, all the way to 300.  I didn't bother with less.  I
tried various modulation standards, limiting the retraining speeds, and I tried
giving my ethernet port the highest priority on the router.

Eventually I plan on buying a Magicjack Plus and trying that.  I just don't
know if my latency here is the issue, or if it's going through a USB port on
this particular system that's causing the latency; in any case, I thought I'd
put this out there for anyone else giving it a go and running into problems;
you're not the only one.  :P
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