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From: mark lewis
To: James Digriz
Date: 2018-04-06 17:02:18
Subject: Analog modems in the digital age.

 On 2018 Apr 06 07:35:04, you wrote to me:

 JD> I probably wasn't clear enough, though.

maybe... i thought i understood what you were trying to say but i guess not...

 JD> The problem I'm looking at is going from serial connections to analog
 JD> and back, on both ends, over the PSTN, when there is no copper,
 JD> analog, or TDM. Where there is no POTS, only fiber, only IP data
 JD> networking underlying everything. It's not clear to me that such use
 JD> of voice phone lines will be univerally available.

AHHH! ok... yeah, you can do this but you will have to deal with the problem of
 the codecs that the telco's use for encoding the voice traffic over the
network... i don't know their names of numbers... that's all confusing for the
most part... i know that in some cases, it works and works well aside from the
network protocol paradigm that allows for packets to travel via different
paths... some have been successful with several of the available VoIP
products... others have not... some can only get 9600 while others may see
19200 or better... it really depends on the network, the codecs and QOS or
similar that may be in play...

 JD> With or without the "repeal" of "Net
Neutrality", the economics appear
 JD> to disencentive support for analog data.

i think that's a separate thing, altogether... other than maybe restricting
VoIP, it should not get in the way...


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