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From: Gert Andersen
To: Richard Webb
Date: 2011-10-13 17:11:50
Subject: New files got on KofoBBS

 * Reply to message originally in area CarbonArea

Hello Richard!

Thu Oct 13 2011, Richard Webb wrote to Gert Andersen:

 GA>> It most have been done by a error as my system is posting file
 GA>> announcement per auto and it normally not should could do it.

 RW>Figured you had a configuration change or something that
 RW>impacted that autoposter.  Thanks for giving attention to

It is allways nice to hear if something got wrong out.
The outo posting should at all not have posted to com echo, it can be why
my fido Zone 2 uplink have unlinked some echos and linked again and some
messages then got in to com from another echo.
That posted messages will normally go to its right echo.

Hmm. whay my Origin here now showing is the working old web link, and it is
now on be changed with sites updates, :)

  Take care,

      - Get the best with linux - 

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