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From: mark lewis
To: Bill Burton
Date: 2013-01-27 19:06:50
Subject: Connectivity

 BB> Due to some configuration changes I need to test my systems
 BB> connectivity. 

 ml> looks ok now ;)

 BB> Pleasr reply if you get this message.

 BB> The fix was going into each echo area and editing it to show
 BB> 1:3634/15 as an alias address. Nick has not responded to my netmail
 BB> yet so I decided to do some more digging and reading of the help
 BB> text and figured out the fix. 

i thought that was what it was and thought i had kinda pointed you in that
direction but i guess not... my apologies for not being more direct

 BB> Thanks for the reply.

you're welcome! ;)

PS: i haven't forgotten about your other request about those BAT and CFG
files... the BAT needs some conversion because it is written for 4DOS which
has a lot of capabilitles that regular BAT files do not... plus i'm still
testing it along with everything else...


 * Origin:  (1:3634/12.42)
SEEN-BY: 3/0 633/267 640/954 712/0 620 848 953
@PATH: 3634/12 123/500 261/38 712/848 633/267

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