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From: mark lewis
To: Gene Buckle
Date: 2013-01-28 19:48:36
Subject: Magicjack and Modem test results

 GB> Do you know if you can use a modem with the original USB version? 
 GB> The last tests I did (3-4 years ago) wouldn't allow a connection
 GB> even at 300 baud. 

that was because the codecs caused some serious problems with digital data
being transmitted... these days you can use a MJ for FAX transmissions and
FAX stuff is very close to the old POTS BBS modem type of transmission...
it is built on it, actually... only the transmission of who talks first in
the connection is different ;)


 * Origin:  (1:3634/12.42)
SEEN-BY: 3/0 633/267 640/954 712/0 620 848 953
@PATH: 3634/12 123/500 261/38 712/848 633/267

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