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From: Gary Perkins
To: mark lewis
Date: 2013-01-29 16:09:56
Subject: Magicjack and Modem test results

  Re: Magicjack and Modem test results
  By: mark lewis to Gene Buckle on Tue Jan 29 2013 12:17 pm

 > AFAIK, MJ is always USB... i would assume that the codecs have been
 > updates since billB was able to get 26k6 connections with my analogue
 > system...

Yep, they've updated the software (including codecs) quite a bit.  But they've
also released a new Magicjack Plus, which has an onboard computer.  It gets
power via a standard USB plug, but you don't have to plug it into a computer...
a power adapter on your wall is what it's designed for, and has a new Ethernet
port on it.

If I can ever get caught up on my needs and get ahead on the bills, I wanna get
one myself for a data line. :)
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