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From: Andrew Leary
To: mark lewis
Date: 2017-04-07 23:19:18
Subject: Abandon?

Hello mark!

07 Apr 17 21:55, you wrote to Dallas Hinton:

 ml>>> i haven't seen the FAQ posted in a long time... you can close it
 ml>>> if you like but i would keep the echolisting in place if it were
 ml>>> me...

 DH>> I've never had a copy of the FAQ, so that would explain why I
 DH>> haven't posted it! :-) Do you want the job?

 ml> oh wow! i wonder who it was that took over the echo some years back
 ml> that i gave a copy of that FAQ to? that was, i'm guessing, roughly 20
 ml> years ago... i don't even know if i still have a copy here any more...
 ml> i'll have to dig around on the main system and see if it is still
 ml> hiding out there...

Gord Hannah, IIRC.

 ml> as for "the job", which one? the one of moderator or the one of
 ml> posting the FAQ (if the FAQ still exists somewhere)?

I might have to check out some old backups to see if I still have a copy 


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