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From: Bj”rn Forsstr”m
To: Michael Grant
Date: 2011-01-13 07:27:46
Subject: Babble License

 MG> Hello Bj”rn.

 MG> 12 Jan 11 04:29, you wrote to me:

Solly. My misstake.

 BF>> As if you would know what a Kwai Hiya is but it' s the top of
 BF>> that.....that...err... ugh....thingie you know. Now I've learned you a
 BF>> new word. Use it when you feel like. No one in Canuckistan will ever
 BF>> understand you anyway but stay clear from certian Delis (tm) when you use
 BF>> it and from people with askew eyes. Trust me on this.

 MG> You'd be suprised with what you can find here in Canuckistan.

Not really. I've been talking to a couple of Canuckistanians.
I mean, after 50 y.o. and they STILL have a mullet. Who do they think they
are? The Golden Jet?

 BF>>>> would be leftovers and I would feel the smell. He have
burned some
 BF>>>> resistance though but never a Coconut.
 MG>>> Oh, he's a "sparky", then... same as my bro-in-law.
 BF>> He's rather slow you know but who isn't in this heat.

 MG> /Definately/ a Kiwi, then.

Ok. If you say so.

 MG>>> Sure he's not a Coconut?

 BF>> Positive. Yesterday he killed a scorpion in his garden that was 50 cm
 BF>> from my foot and that was under a india-rubber tree. Had he been a
 BF>> Coconut it would have been under a Coconut tree. Right?

 MG> Not necessarily. Them Coconuts have spread out quite a bit; they're in
 MG> Kiwiland as well as in the Excited States. They mostly avoid Canuckia,
 MG> though. Too cold for 'em here.

I thought you lived in <hades>.

 BF>> Btw. Have you figured out yet where I am?
 BF>> You stupid Farang. That should give you a Clue(tm).

 MG> You should talk, you're a Farang to them as well.

Noppe. I've had other translants as well. Even if you had never seen me
before you wouldn't recognize me now anyhow. They make a wonderful
job at the local Snake Farm.

 MG> Of /course/ I know where you are, I knew it the moment you mentioned the
 MG> girly-boys bar. I would say "sa-bie dee" but I don't
think you deserve it.
 MG> Mai bpen rai, anyhow.

Mai-pelai but Kap Kun Kap anyhow.

 MG> Would you know where I was however, if I said "khop-chai" for the
 MG> invitation to "kin meo" tonight?

I've been there once and it was there some stoopid Canuckstanians thougt
I came from South West England when they saw my SWE tattoo. Someone
else said Some Where Else. My trust in the people from the Great White North
is a bit nagged in the corners but who cares.
FYI it's raining Tigers and Elephants right now here in Paradise(tm). Want some?

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