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From: Crystal Walters
To: Bj”Rn Forsstr”M
Date: 2011-02-02 13:17:24
Subject: Re: BBS Memories

BF> WHAT!?!?!? A real msssage? And with a topic. Have the rael wlord caught up
BF> with us?
BF> This is the MC&D echo!!!!!!!!!
BF> Learn to drivel or I'll order the SPAC (Strategic Pidgeon Air Command) to 
BF> their (tm) on your house.

I like toast. The only thing we have to fear is tooth decay itself. I once had
a hamster and his name was Bippy.

That good enough?

... Software Troubleshooter - {at}TO{at}, w/44 Magnum

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