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From: Bj”rn Forsstr”m
To: Michael Grant
Date: 2011-02-06 01:35:18
Subject: Holiday Season

 BF>> So long you insist in paying them in Fidobucks I'm not surprised. Try
 BF>> with TRY next time and you'll see action.

 MG> Whaddya think I am, Rockerfeeler?

For all I care you can be Mahatma Ghandi.

 BF>>>> Have you hear of another?
 MG>>> Well, there was the 747-400 just the week after...
 BF>> That must have been Santa. He never arrived here.

 MG> I think that's because he was hanging out in the girly-boys bar. St.
 MG> Nicolas /is/ the patron saint of <ladies-of-the-evening>, after all.

[Sigh] You think wrong....again.
The one at NeuBar was Dame Edna. At least it said so.

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