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From: Nicholas Sharp
To: Michael Grant
Date: 2011-01-11 12:21:44
Subject: Re: Da Rulz

 >  MG>> Don't forget to feed the wallabies, too.
 >  BF> In case you mean that Shap dude I won't. But is he really that sharp?
 >  BF> Should i cut the food before giving it to him? I mean, he can't be the
 >  BF> sharpest tool in the shed.
 > Let him cut it. Maybe it'll be fun; we can see how many times he Nicks
 > himself with the Sharp end of the knife.

I usually stop after the 500th Nick. Hopefully by then, the food is small
enough for consumption. It took me three years to cut up an elephant to size,
of course it didn't help that I was flying back and forth on his trunk, at the

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