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From: Bj”rn Forsstr”m
To: Michael Grant
Date: 2011-01-07 16:10:56
Subject: Babble License

 BF>>>> Of course it means "without a hat". What did
you have in mind?
 MG>>> I would tell you, if this wasn't a Family Echo<tm>.

 BF>> If you had been to YYC you would have seen it.

 MG> Been there several times in the past few months and even as recently as
 MG> last week; no sign of it. She's from YVR anyhow. I've been through there
 MG> recently as well, and there was no sign of it there, either.

I saw her at AMS in october but when I got to BKK she was gone. Later she
turned up on the beach at USM. Maybe I see her tomorrow again.
Her curly frind has been seen in BNE so she might have moved.

 MG> In the airports of canuck-land we adhere to the idea of
"tastefulness". I
 MG> realize that as a dwarf, you may find that concept a hard one to grasp.

We thank Buddah every day for what's coming to us.

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