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Date: 2011-02-12 12:07:00
Subject: Da Rulz

 -=> Quoting Michael Grant to Peter Coggon <=-

 MG> Hello PETER.

 MG>  ۻ ۻ   ۻ   ۻ  ۻ   ۻ  ۻ  ۻ ۻ
 MG>  ɼ ͼ ۻ ۻ ۻ  ۺ ͼ  ۺۻ
 MG>  ɼ    ۺ    ۺ   ۺ ۺ   ۺ ۻ ۺ ۺ  ۻ ۺۻ
 MG> ۻ     ۺ    ۺ   ۺ ۺ   ۺ ۺۻۺ ۺ   ۺ ͼ ɼ
 MG> ۻ     ۺ    ɼ ɼ ۺ ۺ ɼ ۻ ɼ
 MG> ͼ      ͼ     ͼ   ͼ  ͼ  ͼ  ͼ  ͼ ͼ

 MG> That's for wasting 0.000001275% of my bandwidth. Plus I just felt like
 MG> it. 
   > hahahahahah  more snipped out...cuz I felt like it....

 MG> <scads of drivel snipped...>
 MG> -!- GoldED/W32 3.0.1
 MG>  ! Origin: CADB Calgary: Home of the Dwarven Demolition Squad!
 MG> (1:250/306)

  Thats a great tribute ... I love it.   Please send more...


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