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Date: 2011-02-12 12:06:00
Subject: Da Rulz [1/2] [2/2]

Hi Michael.,

 -=> Quoting Michael Grant to Peter Coggon <=-

 MG> 22 Jan 11 12:42, you wrote to me:
 PC>> Aaaaah thanks Doc.    I do miss Dar Head Cheeze ...
 MG>> I'm too quick for you. Plus, your aim sucks.
 PC>   I got lots of aims and they all suck, as I sample.
 MG> You need to set your sights lower...
   I tend to lead into a target.   Proper targetting is
key to not wasting a shell.

 PC> mmmm .... mmm... love that raw sugar drink here.
 MG> I never drink the stuff, unless it's fermented first.
  actually it comes from a stil here.   Thank goodness
folk still know how to brew decent stuff, and the LCBO
isn't innvolved with high prices.

 PC>   Hey Happy New Year 2011 ....
 MG> Happy Gnu You.
 MG> -!- GoldED/W32 3.0.1
 MG>  ! Origin: CADB Calgary: Home of the Dwarven Demolition Squad!
 MG> (1:250/306)

 Happy Whatever to you too...and the Dwarven Demolition Squard.


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