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From: Da Head Cheeze
To: All
Date: 2011-04-04 20:19:54
Subject: Da Rulz

                       Mindless Chatter And Drivel

A conference devoted to babbling on and on about utter nonsense, for those in
the United States, Canada and all other parts unknown. People who post serious
topics, personal messages, BBS ads, or advertising of ANY KIND will be verbally
chastised by everybody in the whole blamed echo. THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING!
Messages are light-hearted, with no chance of accidental seriousness.
A perfect place for stressed-out persons to find fast relief. Hershey Bars
allowed. Meatloaf allowed. Aardvarks allowed. Nose picking allowed. Cat jokes
allowed. Suspend your reality at the door and be ready to make fun of yourself.
No gross profanity allowed, unless expressed with force by the MODERATOR. Math
proofs and box tops will help, but not much.

An Explanation Of Implied Rules So That Even The Most Ignorant Person
Has An Opportunity To Learn Them Painlessly Before We Kick Your Butt!
1. NO ADVERTISING! This includes BBS ADS, MLM ADS, ADS for lost animals, ADS
for humanitarian appeals, ADS for lost relatives, living or dead, requests for
parts or labor, WalMart Specials, Brown Sugar, slats, and old geezers playing
Cribbage. Don't mess with me, I mean business here.. trust me!

2. Don't even THINK about applying for Membership unless you are willing to
send $1275.00 (in *CDN* funds, since the US Dollar has now tanked) for your
Drivelling Papers, Phunny Hats, Decoder Rings and any other souvenirs we might
dream up. And don't be surprised if you don't RECEIVE any of the aformentioned
items. We make absolutely NO CLAIMS about our honesty here.. only that you'll
regret your visit.

3. If you make comments to other peoples' messages, or are annoying in any way,
you are in serious danger of being drafted as the Moderator. This is a PUBLIC
ECHO. No private messages are possible, encouraged or tolerated. Any of these
words you do not understand will be painfully explained to you by the resident

4. Be it hereby known that we reserve the right to poke fun at ourselves,
Catholics, Protestants, JWs, Baptists, Mormons, Hippies, Jews, Rastafarians,
Baha'is, Unitarians, Muslims, Buddists, Atheists, Agnostics, Scientologists,
Anarchists, homosexuals, heterosexuals, androgenous people, asexuals,
celebates, televangelists, motivational speakers, 80's rappers, witches, cats,
dogs, squirrels, fish, waterfowl, boars, ethnical people, unethnical people,
Gregorian Chanters, Celine Dion, stone masons, gondaloons, bedoobies and
passflooses, or you'll be in for a spankie. Any SERIOUS discussion of ANY kind
will be met with LARGE PILES OF PIGEON {SPACK} and last year's supply of boiled
kale and lutefisk.

5. All things being equal, The Moderator shall reserve the power to slap you
around suddenly and for no apparent reason... just for the ugly thrill of it.
When YOU get to be Moderator, YOU can make the rules.

6. This is NOT the FLAME conference. Mild, gentle flames are acceptable for a
Newbie who didn't bother to read these rules before barging in without a BARGE
license. HOWEVER, blatent profanity or prolonged abuse will NOT be tolerated
under any circumstances. If you MUST blow off steam, USE NETMAIL, or Lou
Dripkin will teach you the EWE DANCE.

7. For heaven's sake, don't spout off about your political observations. Nobody
cares, least of all ME. There are 900+ other places in FidoNet to go for that,
which shall all remain nameless. If you persist in this kind of behavior, we
will send our cousins (Nunzio and Guido, the Jewish Flatulators) over to your
house to perform rhinoplasty on your goiter, or some other such disgusting and
equally rewarding tripe. We mean BUSINESS here.

8. Okay, Phil, this one's for you. NO PUFTAS! (A concession to Phil Harris from
Andy Peed; a tradition)

... Da RULZ!!! Ignore at your own risk!

--- GoldED+/386
 * Origin: MikE'S MaiL MaCHinE! (1:250/306)
SEEN-BY: 3/0 633/267 640/954 712/0 313 550 620 848
@PATH: 250/306 261/38 712/848 633/267

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