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From: Bj”rn Forsstr”m
To: Michael Grant
Date: 2011-01-12 03:53:18
Subject: Da Rulz

 MG>>>>> Repetition is the sinserist form of drivelry...
 BF>>>> You should now....
 MG>>> Repetition is the sinserist form of drivelry...
 BF>> Ok...ok...I got it.
 BF>> Ok...ok...I got it.

 MG> Good thing... I was just about to reach for the titanium crowbar...

It's bee a long time since I had one so why not?

 MG>>> Don't forget to feed the wallabies, too.

 BF>> In case you mean that Shap dude I won't. But is he really that sharp?
 BF>> Should i cut the food before giving it to him? I mean, he can't be the
 BF>> sharpest tool in the shed.

 MG> Let him cut it. Maybe it'll be fun; we can see how many times he Nicks
 MG> himself with the Sharp end of the knife.

Animal cruelty, isn't it? What if the Aardwark hits him back before he is

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