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From: Bj”rn Forsstr”m
To: Crystal Walters
Date: 2011-02-02 14:17:16
Subject: BBS Memories

MR>> This is totally cool.  I haven't been on a BBS for years and probably
MR>> decades.  I used to actually run a bbs for six years.  I took it down 13 y
MR>> ago, maybe 15 years ago.
MR>> I used to stay up late all night writing messages to people and of course
MR>> watching people call my bbs.
MR>> Interested in knowing if the people using this echo are also old school bb
MR>> users that miss the good ol' days of technology when not so many people ha
MR>> access to it.   It was like a true community back then.

 CW> Yeah, I can remember my first BBS experience rather vividly. It was in
 CW> late '94, and I enjoyed it so much I decided to become a SysOp myself. But
 CW> by the time I got my board just the way I wanted it, the internet really
 CW> took off and took most of the potential users with it. What a bummer! Glad
 CW> that the scene is still soldiering on though. =*)

WHAT!?!?!? A real msssage? And with a topic. Have the rael wlord caught up
with us?
This is the MC&D echo!!!!!!!!!
Learn to drivel or I'll order the SPAC (Strategic Pidgeon Air Command) to leave
their (tm) on your house.

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