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From: R. Scudder
To: All
Date: 2005-01-26 23:35:28
Subject: RE: [C] Question about software

From: "R. Scudder" <r.scudder{at}>

> I was referring to the VC++ Toolkit 2003. It comes with the
> optimizing compiler, linker, various headers and libraries, but no
> IDE (at least when I got it a few months back).

Oh, cool.  I was not aware of it....  and I see that there are no
limitations on distribution... nice!  Thanks for bring it up...

> As for me, I'm doing
> good just to work through Petzold. :-) I got a good start on it a
> couple of months back, but got derailed by job, family and life in

Petzold is very cool.  I have also worked through quite a bit of Prosise.

> general. My latest off track adventure <g> was writing a double
> linked list implementation to make sure I understood it OK. Somehow,
> it's much easier to test basic ideas in the context of printf() than
> TextOut(), all things considered...

Oh, yeah... you need to stay in tune to the basics... even more so when
delving into the ways of the evil empire ;)

> I bought VC++ Std. 2003 through the MS Employee Purchase plan for
> only about $60 (which is pretty funny, considering I'm a Solaris
> admin that doesn't even work for MS :-) I quickly discovered that its
> primary focus was not the same as mine; It's all .NET and such, while
> I'm interested in straight C / Win32 API. However, I've learned to
> just grit and bear it. Quite often for just testing ideas, I'll DMC
> from a text editor.

Even though the focus is on the new stuff, you should be able to create any
kind of project you want (C, Win32, etc...) in VC 2003 and compile it in
the IDE...  well, I know you can in the pro version, anyway.

> I've not yet tried to integrate the VC Toolkit compiler and linker
> into VC Std. It's tempting to think it might work, but that seems a
> bit too easy to have come from MS.

Hmmm... that's an interesting idea.  Have you tried to see if anyone has
done it yet (google, etc...) ?


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