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From: R. Scudder
To: All
Date: 2005-01-26 11:02:54
Subject: RE: [C] Question about software

From: "R. Scudder" <r.scudder{at}>

Hey Tim...

The main thing about the "Standard" version is the absence of the
optimizing compiler.  There may also be some licensing restrictions as far
as distributing software compiler on that version.  Basically, it's OK for
learning, but probably not so good for distribution.

When you're looking around, I think you need to consider at what you want
to do and determine which other, less expensive, compiler packages have
implemented the features/libs required to accomplish the tasks.

For example, MFC is extremely popular and something that many C++
programmers writing for the Windows GUI require.  If you plan to do COM
development you may need ATL.

I would take a look at Digital Mars C++.  You can download and use a subset
of the full package for free...  though I recommend that anyone using the
compiler buy the full package, if for no other reason than to support the
author's ongoing development.  Check out the site... you can ask questions
in the support forum.

I guess you know about the Visual Studio .NET 2003 Special Edition that
includes Server 2003 and SQL Server 2000 developer edition (single user
license)...  it is selling for around $500.00 which is probably more that
you can justify for a home compiler.  The real kicker is that they will
soon be releasing the next version with (afaik) major changes to the C++
extensions, so you will be stuck with a brand new out dated compiler!

Bill Sux!


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Subject: [C] Question about software

Can anyone advise on purchasing or not purchasing Microsoft Visual C++ .NET
Standard 2003?  I cannot afford the $500+ for the big compilers.

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