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From: andrew clarke
To: Thomas K
Date: 2006-07-29 15:04:36
Subject: Getting Work Done in C

Sat 2006-07-29 12:23, Thomas K (3:633/104) wrote to All:

 TK> I've been interested in C and C++ for a while and quite like the
 TK> languages. I'm just wondering if anyone would be able to point me
 TK> towards any resources for learning the standard C libraries?

 TK> I know that there is a lot of detailed and helpful information in man
 TK> pages, but you really need to know what functions exist first to use
 TK> those.

I have the third edition of "A Book On C" by Kelley/Pohl.  It has
about 40 pages in the first appendix listing all the standard C library
functions and a quick summary of what they do.  40 pages is enough, as the
standard C library is only small.  The rest of the book talks about the
language itself.

The book also introduces C++, but modern C++ is quite different to old C++
mostly thanks to the introduction of the Standard Template Library.  I'm
not sure if the latest edition covers any of that, but it looks like the
fourth edition has added another 150 pages to the book.

For learning the C++ standard library (and C++ programming concepts in
general) a good book is "The C++ Standard Library" by Nicolai

There are some other good C++ books listed here: 

 TK> Could anyone please suggest anything, online or otherwise, that could
 TK> be helpful for learning these?

I don't know of any online text that really does either language justice.

If money is a problem, your local public library might have copies of the
above, or you could try ordering used copies from or .

 TK> Or is realistically my best option to trawl through established 
 TK> open source software's code until I've nutted out everything that 
 TK> they did?

It's a good way to pick up bad habits!  You will learn much faster with a good book. 

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