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From: Bo Simonsen
To: Björn Felten
Date: 2004-08-07 01:22:14
Subject: [C] Code File Structure

Hi Bjoern,

>  GW> There is _no_ perfect way, it is a personal choice!
>    Wouldn't it be nice if it at least there was a preferred way? :)
>    One thing I miss in C is the way Pascal can extract only the parts
> that's
> needed. In Pascal I have just a few units with all my extras. E.g. when I
> program fidonet related stuff, I simply add the unit fidonet and instantly
> have access to hundreds of fun
> ctions, procedures, structures &c. If I use only a few, those are the only
> ones compiled into the finished binary, so there's no overhead to worry
> about.

I do have a shared libery where I have cools things like CRC 
calculation, convertion procedures between text and my fidonet adress 
struct (pascal language: record).

But anyhow instead of using a unit you could use a include file and a 
.object file, so you add the fidonet tools by linking.


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