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From: John Guillory
To: Andy Ball
Date: 2011-03-15 00:19:08
Subject: C noob

 AB>    CW> if there's anybody still hanging around in this echo,
 AB>      > let me know. I could use a good study buddy. L8z

 AB>     I'm here. I have mixed feelings about C but I like that
 AB> it is almost universally available and that it 
 AB> potentially gives me access to some very useful 
 AB> libraries.
     I'm here (was actually about to drop this echo due to the usual no
     activity...)  I'm a Pascal Die Hard, but in realisticness I tend to
     write more software in Basic due to the power of PowerBasic and PureBasic
     compilers.  I use Virtual Pascal and TMT Pascal every once in a while,
     depending on what I need to do.  I also have Borland C++ 5.5 I got on
     e-bay and the Free edition of Borland C++ as well as Turbo C++ for
     DOS and Win16.  I have Power C (mix) and Digital Mars C, Watcom C++,
     and Tiny C.  Though the primary C/C++ compilers I use are PowerC and
     Borland C++ (sometimes Turbo C++ because of the text-based IDE)
     Your sort of in luck as I'm wanting to write some *.MSG utilities for
     my BBS and it looks like the single most reliable method is to use
     C, as basic is taking too much time stripping the extra nulls and a
     few other issues, where as in C++ its working too nicely...  After all,
     it's the language it was originally written in... I could do it in
     Virtual Pascal or TMT Pascal, but not really sure I want to...
     As long as your cool with C not being my favorite language... I'm
     cool with hanging out here till I get another job... ;-)

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