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From: Jasen Betts
To: Kurt Kuzba
Date: 2004-09-25 07:24:32
Subject: [C] I haven't recieved even one mail from 15 days

Hello Kurt.

24 Sep 04 10:09, you wrote to all:

 KK> From: "Kurt Kuzba" <kkuzba{at}>

 KK> From: Jonathan Guthrie
 JG>>  I got several yesterday with source code in them.
 JG>>  Didn't you get any of those?

 KK>     I sent six or eight with source on the twentieth.  I got them
 KK>  okay back here from the list, so I know it is working that well
 KK>  at least.  I just posted your permute.c code, converted to QBasic
 KK>  on the site for somebody looking for permutation code.
 KK>  It works great, by the way, even in Basic.  :)

What's permute.c ? I never saw that here.


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