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From: Allen Prunty
To: mark lewis
Date: 2017-03-03 20:43:14
Subject: Virtual Modem / Dialup connection

  Re: Virtual Modem / Dialup connection
  By: mark lewis to Allen Prunty on Fri Mar 03 2017 07:26 pm

 > it should be possible... that's exactly how i have frontdoor running over
 > here  except that i'm doing it on OS/2 with ray gwinn's SIO package...

I have the virtual modem and it works (don't know how to make a fossil work
with it) and it dials out under Platinum express telnet.

I would like to find something that can do BSO routing and telnet.  Front door
does not do BSO so I'm kind of limited.

Not sure if the fossil driver is in the mix.  I'm using Netserial as a virtual

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