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From: mark lewis
To: Nicholas Boel
Date: 2016-04-14 22:08:46
Subject: How To Install BinkD on to Windows 7?

14 Apr 16 19:51, you wrote to me:

 NB>>> Nicely done, my good man! But for such a security buff as you are,
 NB>>> your kernel version is just a tad out of date. :)

 ml>> maybe but i have long term support and i apply updates and fixes
 ml>> almost every day when they appear in my updates notifier :)

 NB> Long term support? Holy crap, how long is your LTS? 2.6x kernels were
 NB> at *least* 2 years ago or more!

ubuntu 14.04 LTS is five years... that should be out to about 2018 Apr with
critical fixes being available for another two years and some months...

 ml>>>> but still, the 32bit flavor of binkd for winwhatever should run
 ml>>>> just fine on a 64bit flavor of win7... have i missed
something? has
 ml>>>> m$ really turned the screws around on this one?

 NB>>> No. 64-bit Windows will most definitely support 32-bit programs. It
 NB>>> has only ditched 16-bit support in the 64-bit versions.

 ml>> that's what i thought... thanks! :)

 NB> But of course. Obviously my OS of choice is Linux for anything
 NB> server-wise. But I still keep up with Windows due to a bad COD
 NB> addiction. :) And for the records, Win10 is awesome compared to Win8.
 NB> So you're safe to upgrade as long as you have the hardware to support
 NB> (which I know you do on at least one machine I heard about.. lol)

this is true but we've cut winwhatever loose and won't be putting any $$$
in those coffers any more... when the last vista falls over it will join
the rest of the herd running ubuntu ;)


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