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From: mark lewis
To: Dallas Hinton
Date: 2016-04-15 11:32:46
Subject: How To Install BinkD on to Windows 7?

14 Apr 16 05:16, you wrote to Dave Labbey:

 DL>> Was wondering how can I install BinkD on windows 7??

 DH> On 64bit, you'll have to run a virtual (32bit) machine of some
 DH> flavour. On 32bit, it will run quite happily.

i'm coming back to this because i've been thinking about your response and
the echo it is in... i suspect you were responding to running binkleyterm
on win7 instead of binkd which the OP asked about... you are probably
right, too... unless someone has the sources for binkleyterm and they have
done whatever needed to be done to compile it 32bit or 64bit, then yes, the
old 16bit stuff will have problems on a 64bit winwhatever system that
doesn't have 16bit capabilities any more...


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