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From: Sean Dennis
To: All
Date: 2017-01-02 13:20:20
Subject: BBS_ADS Echo Rules

The Fidonet BBS_ADS Echo Rules
Updated 15 July 2014

Moderator:    Sean Dennis (1:18/200)
This echo is for listed Fidonet sysops to post ads promoting their 
bulletin board systems.

By your participation in this echo, you agree to abide by the
following rules:

* Real names are required to be used in this echo unless you are using
  an automated posting bot.

* If you have any questions about a BBS system, please contact the
  sysop or representative listed via netmail or some other method.
* ANSI and ASCII ads are allowed in this echo, however, be aware that
  some BBS software automatically strips ANSI escape codes.
* Please do not post more than three times a week for your BBS.

* No network ads in here please.  Those go over in OTHERNETS.

* English is the main language of the echo since this is the moderator's
  native tongue.  You may post a message in your native tongue as long
  as there is a comprehensible English translation in the same message.
* No blatently off-topic posts, such as "test" messages, et cetera.
* Please don't gate this echo to USENET, a mailing list, another BBS
  mail network, an online Fidonet mail archive, or anything else 
  without the moderator's express and written permission.  This is
  a Fidonet echo and needs to stay in Fidonet.
* This echo does not recognize any local or regional echomail policy,
  such as EP1.
* The moderator has the final say in dealing with problems in the echo.
  If you have something to say about a moderator's action, please
  contact him via netmail (preferred) or email.
* This is a living document and will be adjusted as needed.

* This document will be posted on the 1st and 15th of each month.

* Please don't hesitate to contact the moderator with any questions
  about this document.

Thank you for your participation in BBS_ADS!

-- Sean Dennis/BBS_ADS Moderator

--- MBSE BBS v1.0.6.8 (GNU/Linux-i386)
 * Origin: Outpost BBS * Limestone, TN, USA (1:18/200)
SEEN-BY: 18/200 34/999 90/1 116/18 120/302 123/500 128/187 140/1 218/700 222/2
SEEN-BY: 230/150 240/1120 249/303 250/1 261/38 100 266/404 267/155 280/1027
SEEN-BY: 282/1056 292/907 908 320/119 219 340/400 393/68 396/45 633/267 280
SEEN-BY: 640/384 712/620 848 770/1 801/161 189 2320/100 105
@PATH: 18/200 261/38 712/848 633/267

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