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From: Tony Comandini
To: All
Date: 2016-12-29 09:02:20
Subject: Laser BBS

About Laser BBS

Laser BBS is an hobby born in the 90's and back now online and may be accessible
as both a traditional Bulletin Board System, via telnet, as well as via the Web.
It currently has around 250 message areas, with the following areas of interest:
   International, etc, general chat areas,
   Science Fiction  Space  Ham Radio
   The Internet, including specific to HTML
   Hardware, including modems
   Operating Systems; including Dos, Windows, & Linux
   Programming;  including C/C++, Pascal, & Basic
   Fidonet related areas
We have access to IRC and newsgroup feed

Basic User accounts here are free, but not anonymous...  To establish an
account;  you simply telnet to the BBS and log in as a new user, or you can
use a web browser to register  as a new user.  (Note that real first and
last names, & other information, for you to keep the account open are

Once your account is active, you will have several ways of accessing the
bbs via the internet.  You can go to the login page, for access via your
favourite Web Browser, like Chrome, FireFox, Safari.
   Telnet to using the port 2424.

For FTN Mailer access to Laser BBS:
  BinkP     :, on the standard port 24554

If you are looking for or are otherwise interested in an FTN feed, as a
node or a point, please contact me.

Tony Comandini
Sysop, Laser BBS

--- BBBS/Li6 v4.10 Toy-3
 * Origin: = Laser BBS = London, UK = (2:250/5)
SEEN-BY: 18/200 34/999 90/1 116/18 120/302 123/500 128/187 140/1 218/700 222/2
SEEN-BY: 230/150 240/1120 249/303 250/1 261/38 100 266/404 267/155 280/1027
SEEN-BY: 282/1056 292/907 908 320/119 219 340/400 393/68 396/45 633/267 280
SEEN-BY: 640/384 712/620 848 770/1 801/161 189 2320/100 105
@PATH: 250/5 1 261/38 712/848 633/267

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