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To: All
Date: 2016-12-06 09:26:06
Subject: HIOC BBS

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Holy Innocents Orthodox Church BBS / Website contains numerous
religious research areas wherein the files are formatted
for use by the general public.

Our WEB site provides hundreds of documents, writings of the Church
Fathers, and our own publications and information in a variety of
formats. We also have "chat rooms" for registered users.

The BBS side provides messaging and files for registered users.
There is no fee for registration, and the information we
obtain from you is basically your name and how to contact you if
this proves necessary.

We also operate several mailing lists, the most popular of which


 Every day we try to post a Chapter of one of the Books of
 the Bible on the ML for  discussion.  This began with
 Genesis, Chapter 1, and continued to the end of Genesis,
 and  so on to the next Book.  Discussion is not limited to
 the Chapter posted each day.  We use the Douay-Rheims
 translation which, while it sometimes has editorial comments
 biased against the Orthodox Church, is a basically a good,
 non political translation.   This also is a good way to start each
 day with a chapter from Sacred Scripture.


 Prayer requests operates under a simple premise.  When we
 pray  for each other we fulfill a portion of our Christian
 duty. Prayers for the living and for the dead are allowed
 and welcome. Those who make prayer requests agree to include
 the prayer requests of all who make them here.  Prayer requests
 MUST be moral and for moral purposes . . . hopefully morality
 will not have to be defined at length (i.e.:  use common sense).

 Participants and subscribers agree to honor the moral prayer
 requests posted, and to pray for those intentions and persons for
 at least one week.  Follow-up posts are encouraged.


 A place to exchange sermons by Christians. Anyone can receive
 the ML.  POSTERS must be,  and certify they are:  male; duly
 ordained Priests,  Deacons, Ministers, or seminarians of, a
 Christian Church, Jurisdiction,  or Religion; that the Creed of
 the Council of Nicea is the  Creed, or expresses the basic dogma,
 of the Church of which each poster is a member. Rabbi may
 participate, post, and hopefully thereby assist in teaching all of
 us. ANYONE may RECEIVE the ML.  There is no discussion in this ML.

 When you post in this ML you must provide your church/religious
 affiliation in the post.

To subscribe to a mailing list, send a message to:
In the message area put:
subscribe sermons
subscribe prayers
subscribe bible-day

To subscribe or unsubscribe to any of our mailing lists you also may
go to

which has a link to our subscription page at

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you to which you must respond
as instructed.

Holy Innocents Orthodox Church provides this system to the public
free of charge, and encourages you to make use of it.

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      listserver{at}  Icons Theological Teaching & More  
            ftp://Firstname Lastname:password{at}        

Father Paul, S.S.B.  
The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil  
of the Holy Orthodox Church  
frpaul{at}  SysOp HIOC BBS   ftp telnet://
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