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From: Roger Nelson
To: Paul Quinn
Date: 2019-04-16 04:28:22

On Tue Apr-16-2019 17:14, Paul Quinn (3:640/1384) wrote to Roger Nelson:

 PQ> On 15 Apr 19 21:01, you wrote to me:

 RN> I have a program that converts them and you may then view them prior
 RN> to burning -- no more coasters.

 PQ> There's a nice _editor_ in a couple of vesions of Puppy Linux that
 PQ> can do wonders.  Yes, you can add/delete/edit files in .ISOs. 
 PQ> There are geniuses out there writing whizardly code for such tools.

I've never been able to add anything to a disc that was closed.

 RN> I need Vbox to run ln 32-bit mode because that's what D'Bridge will
 RN> eun in.

 PQ> You'll eventually need vBox 6.xx to do that.  (See my other note.) 

But didn't you say it wants to run in 64-bit mode?

How did that launch go?  I watched the whole thing.

... Never say never and never say always.


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