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From: Paul Quinn
To: Roger Nelson
Date: 2019-04-16 12:36:50

Hi! Roger,

On 15 Apr 19 19:31, you wrote to me:

 RN> I started getting 18.04 ad a few hours later noticed that 18.10 was
 RN> available, so I got that one, too and Virtualbox 5.something.  I just
 RN> may ditch Windows 10 if this works well.

Ubuntu do an issue every six months.  The even year dot 04 (April)(e.g.
18.04) is an LTS... Long Term Support version.  (I tend to leave a new
April's release to fester for a couple of months, till a point update, i.e.
18.04.2, to catch any inclusive fixes.  It ain't important though.)  The
dot 10s are only good for six month's support.  The LTS versions are
supported (for security and fixpaks) for three years minimum; some are for
five years.

VirtualBox 5 is on a leash, and due to be discarded.  It's best to get 6.xx
even if it insists on 64-bit-ness.

FYI.  I came across an old util for timEd.  Its FILE_ID.DIZ reads...

 --- 8< ---
Crom is a collection of utilities that
was made for use with the timEd Fido-
net message reader/editor.
Included are:
CromTag (tagline inserter)
CromLine (custom origin lines)
CSteal (tagline thief)
Mood (inserts 'mood' kludge)
version 1.01 (freeware)
 --- >8 ---

Interested?  You can FREQ it from here as, or I could drop it
off for you.


... Hmm... Nice tagline. Hey, look over there! <SWIPE!> SUCKER!!! HAHAHAHA
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