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From: Tim Richardson
Date: 2016-12-02 19:37:00
Subject: Yesterday's Weather Today

On 12-02-16, Roger Nelson said to Tim Richardson:

RN>{at}MSGID: <58418D8D.244.fidonet_bama{at}>
RN>On Thu Dec-01-2016 23:03, Tim Richardson (3:770/330) wrote to ROGER

RN>NELSON: TR> On 11-30-16, Roger Nelson said to Tim Richardson:

RN>{at}MSGID: <583EB22E.240.fidonet_bama{at}>
RN>On Tue Nov-29-2016 18:34, Tim Richardson (3:770/330) wrote to ALL:

RN>Tim: What you posted has nothing whatsoever to do with or in response to
RN>the snippet of the message you quoted back.  If you persist on doing this,
RN>your write privileges will be revoked.  I don't want to do that, so please

TR> Oh wait. Thats right. I forgot. Only *you* get to post in here. The
TR> rest of us only get to nod in agreement as we read all your sage
TR> mean `scientific research'! Heaven forbid an ounce
TR> of truth see the light of day in this echo!

RN>You were the one who stated more than once that you wouldn't post in here

I've since changed my mind.

Why should I impose silence on myself just to avoid a conflict with `your'

The cheating on the part of NASA (a supposedly `scientific' outfit) and
several cheer-leading squads for the UN (supposedly accredited scientists)
puts what they do and what they claim in the realm of *Science Research*, part
and parcel of the title and (oft-stated) purpose of this echo.

Falsifying scientific data is news which belongs in the area of `science
research' it greatly affects such research.

Reporting falsified data in the realm of science; not just `reporting' it, but
actually `doing' the falsifying; certainly merits attention. The strongest
possible attention. It affects everyone.

And a media (this echo) that purports to be concerning itself with `Science
Research', is certainly a proper place to point out the falsity of such

I am on-topic, within the parameters of the stated title of this echo.

If you wish subjects that fall into the sphere of the title of this echo to
NOT be discussed....then change the title of the echo to something else.

I will be glad to offer a few suggestions for titles if you so desire.

Feel free to ask.

In the mean time...the title is *Fidonet Science Research*...and *science
research* is what I shall post on!

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